Epic Customer Service Is Essential To Successful Conference Apps

January 29, 2014

Customer service should never be an afterthought when choosing a networking platform for your event – and we’ll never treat it like one. Learn about our epic customer service, and exactly why it’s necessary for the success of your event!

Conference Beacons for Fun & Profit

January 14, 2014

Running an event an need an unobtrusive way to notify your attendees? Learn how beacons can assist your conference’s notification system, polling, exhibitor outreach and more – all while adding an exciting technological flare to your attendees’ event experience.

Teach Attendees to Maximize the Value of Your Conference Platform

January 3, 2014

Your event app is an investment, and you want attendees to make the most of it. Here are some tips for helping event-goers use your networking app to to its full potential and reap every benefit possible at your next event!