Conference Beacons for Fun & Profit:

Inform and Motivate Attendees With the Latest Event Technology

Have you ever wished you could personally reach out to inform your attendees and motivate them to take advantage of everything your conference has to offer? That level of universal interaction is a step closer to reality with the new digital beacon technology.

Beacons are unobtrusive, Bluetooth-enabled devices that you locate in select areas of your event. When an attendee walks by, smartphone in pocket, the Beacon sends a message to the phone, providing information the attendee can use in that precise location. Beacons empower event organizers to encourage attendee engagement with speakers and exhibitors; offer special deals to participants; or simply provide logistical information, like directions to a distant lecture or reception. Because beacons location-specific and able to recognize how many times a particular attendee has passed by, the technology allows event organizers to push messages to participants at just the right moment for the participant to take action.

Here are some ways a conference beacon can promote attendee engagement at your next event:

Polling: If you’re using in-conference surveys to gather attendee feedback on speakers or panels, a beacon located at the doorway of the lecture room can prompt attendees to give feedback as they leave the hall.

Logistical prompts: A beacon at the main entrance can remind attendees to pick up their name tag or conference tablet, or provide directions to a reception or speaker in a different part of the conference facility.

Quality control: Beacons can help your organization track which speakers, break-outs, receptions and exhibits received the most traffic—a boon to future planning.

Exhibitor outreach: Exhibitors who lease a conference beacon from you can have the device makes special offers when participants come to their booth. This benefits the exhibitor as well as providing revenue and heightened attendee engagement for your organization.

Attendee engagement games: Beacons can be placed around the conference to distribute game “pieces” to attendees, encouraging participants to circulate through the venue and see everything you have to offer. The first attendee to (for example) collect all the game pieces or retrieve the clues and solve the puzzle can win a prize.

Local partnerships: If your organization partners with local businesses outside the conference venue, a beacon at the main entrance of the facility can remind attendees of special offers available at the partner location nearby.

At JUJAMA, we take privacy issues very seriously, and we know most event organizers and attendees agree. It is important to let your attendees know that the conference beacons at your event are not collecting their personal information or tracking them outside the venue. They are simply an onsite tool to make the conference a more engaging experience for every attendee.