BioProScheduler Teams

An efficient, secure scheduling tool that enables easy scheduling of company-to-company meetings, especially at off-site venues.

Nimble & Streamlined

BioProScheduler Teams is a scheduling tool that enables easy scheduling of any size meeting.

Last-minute Changes

Re-deploy your personnel to take advantage of sudden opportunities at the networking event.

BioProScheduler Teams Maximizes Conference Delegates’ Engagement

BioProScheduler offers many sponsorship opportunities

Key Features of
BioProScheduler Teams

  • Seamless meeting scheduler
  • Meeting confirmations and details automatically emailed to participants
  • Private, secure contact database
  • Functions as external meeting portal
  • Tailored to manage scheduling for multiple events
  • Suite and off-site venue scheduler
  • Complements existing partnering platforms and conference apps
  • One-click report generation for individuals and delegate teams