Using BioProScheduler to Match Executives to Opportunity

Our staff at JUJAMA has many years of experience in the biomedical sciences, including many team members from MedTRACK, the biotech and pharmaceutical corporate intelligence database that we founded back in 2001. This deep experience in an industry where things get done through partnership helps us understand how important networking meetings are to people in the biopharmaceutical industry.

We also know from experience that trying to schedule meetings for a team of executives at a conference using nothing but spreadsheets and Outlook invitations ranges from confusing and labor-intensive to downright crazy-making. If you take that road, the opportunity to miss an opportunity is everywhere! But until recently, there was no other road to take.

So we created BioProScheduler, an efficient and secure scheduling tool that draws on a custom-built contact database to send email meeting invitations to your prospects at the upcoming event. Once they accept the invitation, BioProScheduler automatically logs the meeting into your executive’s schedule, and reserves the meeting room for them. It’s easy to look at your entire delegation’s schedule, or the meetings of just a few select team members—a capability that comes in handy if you have a late-breaking opportunity to meet with an interesting prospective partner, and you need to re-shuffle your delegates to cover all your opportunities.

You do not have to be using the JUJAMA conference platform and app to use BioProScheduler, although the two work well together if your conference has already gone JUJAMA. If you’d like to see how BioProScheduler works, please contact us. And in the meantime, here is a case study of how BioProScheduler works for AstraZeneca (and Merck too).