JUJAMA offers a social media package for your event

Everyone knows what a compelling marketing force social media has become. This is as true of marketing for the events industry as for other sectors. But how many event organizers have a social media guru on staff? How many have the time to add social media marketing to their long to-do list? Nevertheless, it must be done. Which is why JUJAMA created a Social Media Marketing Package specifically for event organizers, to promote your event and populate your social feeds with relevant information, posted on a timely basis.

Here are five reasons why Social Media Marketing is a must, and why a pre-made social marketing package is the best way to start the cascade of success:

1. Good Stuff: It’s fast and easy to make bad, boring, ugly social media content that does not engage your attendees. With JUJAMA’s Social Media Marketing Package, your content (including text and graphics) is created by experts in event-promoting social content, and is tailored to each social platform’s requirements.

2. Dress to Impress: With this good content, your event brand is enhanced and becomes more attractive to potential attendees and more exciting to your regular participants.

3. Come One, Come All: As you reach a larger audience using social media, you touch more potential attendees and have more chances to interact with them, especially the younger, upcoming professionals who have many years of conferences ahead of them. Building a loyal fan base is an investment in your future success.

4. Get This Party Started: Social media is great at creating community, and a feeling of community is great for your event. It’s easier to create community consistently if you have a ready-made series of high quality social posts for Facebook, Twitter, etc., and you know when to send them—not too early, when they will be lost in the shuffle, and not so late that there is no time to build excitement.

5. You May Talk Among Yourselves: Getting attendees to talk to one another on the social feed of your event app requires a little kick-start, but once you get them going, people who use the social networks outside your event (which is nearly everyone at this point) will have no trouble running with it. And that provides your conference the benefit of buzz; gives attendees a chance to connect with each other before the event begins; and reinforces the feeling of community we mentioned earlier. All this from knowing what to say and when/where/how to say it!

For more information about JUJAMA’s Social Media Package, contact us!