4 Things JUJAMA Did This Year to Improve Your Life

JUJAMA celebrated some wonderful milestones in 2014, and every one of them was a move we made to make life better for our event professional customers—or a nice piece of recognition we got for doing so! Here are four innovations we undertook, and an award we won because of it:

  • Expanded development offices: JUJAMA doubled our growth again for the fourth year in a row, and not surprisingly, our technology wizards outgrew their old offices! They moved to a bright and stylish new space, where JUJAMA can provide a larger team to support your event.
  • More features to make your app useful: JUJAMA added a number of new features to our desktop event app and mobile conference app – features we know other apps do not have. Want to find out what they are and how they can make your event even more awesome? Sign up for a free demo!
  • More products that make your life easier: This year JUJAMA introduced integrated registration software that makes attendee conference registration and your event app/networking platform all one seamless operation. We also introduced BioProScheduler, an executive scheduling tool that makes it easy for bioscience companies to take their delegation to a corporate deal-making event and max out their meeting opportunities.
  • Good advice for busy event profs: JUJAMA released two free e-books, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Event Apps, Vol. 1 and 2., designed to quickly educate you on what to look for in the best event apps.
  • SAGE Small Business of the Year Award: We were so excited to be honored with this award, which recognizes companies that work hard to help their customers excel. JUJAMA is not a corporate behemoth – we’re a dedicated team with the resources and the smart, caring personnel to help take your event to the next level.

Happy holidays! We can’t wait to see you again in the New Year!