How Event App Sponsorships Benefit the Sponsor

Event organizers, do you find it hard to put into words why a company should sponsor your event app? Is your conference app on hold until a sponsorship comes through? App sponsorship is actually a terrific marketing investment that benefits the sponsor in a number of ways. Make sure the companies you’re courting to sponsor your conference app know these important facts:

Length of exposure: An event app (at least a JUJAMA event app!) is not just a once-and-done tool. It is an event-based community available to all participants for a span of months before, during and after the conference. Sponsorship banners and links are seen by the whole event community for a long period of time.

Prime real estate: A well-designed conference app provides sponsorship opportunities in high-visibility locations both within the app itself (in high traffic areas like the agenda) and also in app-based emails.

Featured connections: Even more importantly, the in-app sponsored banners link to the sponsor’s website, and the sponsor can showcase videos and marketing material directed at the highly targeted conference audience. Sponsors can also issue push alerts to attendees, and attendees can easily use the app’s networking capabilities to ask for meetings with the sponsor.