Media-Rich Profiles: Empower Your Attendees To Tell Their Story

Event platforms and apps are such a huge leap forward compared to the old ways of keeping conferences organized—and media-rich attendee profiles are a great example of how empowering your event app can be. Instead of just a registration roll, the media-rich participant profile lets your attendees not only provide their contact information but really tell their story. JUJAMA allows attendees to attach Word documents, videos, Excel sheets, PDFs and Powerpoint slide decks to their profile so that each attendee can craft the profile into a real selling tool, letting others know who they are, what they bring to the table and what they are looking for at the conference. Consider the possibilities:

  • • Resumes, case studies, white papers
  • • Brochures
  • • Posters from poster sessions, past or upcoming
  • • Marketing collateral
  • • Photographs of key players in the company, of special events and of products
  • • Presentations and slide decks, from this conference or of special importance to the attendee’s story
  • • Promotional or descriptive videos such as infomericals or corporate overviews.

JUJAMA also makes it easy to keep all this information organized. Attendees can “follow” interesting people’s materials for automatic updates, and can tag and gather favorite pieces into one easy-to-find location. This makes it simple to refer back to documents they noticed earlier, and enables each participant to get the full impact of other attendees’ stories. By letting attendees do this kind of research ahead of the event—something we make easy with JUJAMA’s trademark desktop-and-app platform—JUJAMA helps you improve attendee engagement and provide a richer and more productive conference experience. It’s about so much more than skipping the paper!