6 Ways A Custom Event Website Saves You Time & Improves Your Event

Like all businesses, your event needs a web presence—preferably one that enhances your brand and is fully integrated with your registration system and event networking platform/mobile app. But this does not have to mean juggling several technology vendors and a creative team (much as we know you love to do that!) because JUJAMA offers custom event websites that coordinate seamlessly with our web-based event platform and mobile app, as well as the JUJAMA registration system—and one call makes the whole thing happen for your event. Here are six ways a custom event website can save you time and improve your event:

    1. We do the data entry:

      JUJAMA adds your meeting information—dates, times, venues, all the key stuff—into your custom event website layout. No need for you to do that data entry.

    2. Registration populates your event app:

      JUJAMA’s integrated registration system (which participants access from your event website) automatically populates your event platform/mobile app with all the attendees’ contact information. Your participants and their admins are spared that data entry, plus your app is enhanced by containing all participant data. No missing contacts and phantom attendees!

    3. Leverage your social feeds:

      Your existing social feeds can be tied in to your custom event website, the better to create buzz around your event and consolidate that buzz for ease of access by attendees and prospective attendees.

    4. Our creative directors at your disposal:

      Not every web developer understands what it takes to make a great event website—but at JUJAMA, our talented creative team is expert at that task. Our custom event websites extend your existing brand and position your conference as the top-flight event that it is—and our responsive-design approach means your site looks terrific on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop monitors.

    5. Content management system:

      JUJAMA’s content management system (accessible to your administrative team from the back end of your event website) provides you the ability to easily enter, adjust and update the agenda, email it to your speakers and send it to the printer, whether weeks ahead of time or on the fly at the last minute. This saves you time and effort, and frees you to focus on other logistics.

    6. One-stop shopping:

      You need an event website. You need a registration system. You need an event platform/mobile app. Why cobble together a solution when one call secures the services of the event technology experts at JUJAMA, who can resolve all these challenges with one seamless solution?

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