What Makes You ‘Appy?

‘Appy-ness—that feeling of joy you get when you see your attendees interacting on your conference platform, getting excited for your event, and then when they are in the house, networking and making connections that can mean a successful future for them…and a better chance that they’ll tell their colleagues about your conference and return again next time. What makes you ‘appy? Here are three common answers. Is one the key to your ‘appy-ness?

I love to help my attendees succeed.
Your conference platform should give this a big boost, helping your participants choose and arrange meetings, plus get around to all the important information and networking sessions you offer.

I get a rush when my attendees are passionate about a speaker.
If you vibe on the energy of your participants, your conference platform should let you offer instant surveying capabilities, so you can harvest that energy in the form of feedback.

I thrill to the flow of a well-ordered event (and my sock-drawer is color-coded and arranged according to activity).
The sight of all your participants walking in the right direction at the right time can be yours consistently—if your conference platform gives you the ability to send notifications and reminders. Double dip of ‘appy if you are also using electronic beacons to shoot geographically-based information to your participants (‘This way to the reeeeeeeally distant break-out room that we were forced to use by a cruel twist of fate.”)

Are you ‘appy now? If not, contact JUJAMA. Our conference platform has ‘appy-ness built right in.