Show of Hands: Who Wants Survey Technology Seamlessly Integrated Into Their Conference?

Conference technologies—friend? (Think productivity-enhancing social networking and attendee-engaging surveys.) Or foe? (Too many apps, too many logins, too much everything.) Actually, JUJAMA can provide all the benefits of conference technology without the drawbacks—by seamlessly integrating conference surveys into your event app.

We believe heartily in surveys as a tool to communicate with your attendees. Surveys are an invaluable source of information about your conference—what is already working well and what could be improved. But surveys yield the most data if you strike while the iron is hot—grab attendees while they are applauding at the end of a keynote, or just leaving the Big Reception. Then their feedback is fresh in their minds and they are still emotionally engaged.

That crucial timing is why JUJAMA integrates survey capabilities into our conference app. Seamlessly and unobtrusively, you can ask the most relevant questions and your attendees can answer quickly and move on—a fluidity that can mean the difference between getting a helpful answer and being ignored as participants rush off to the next meeting.

At JUJAMA, we believe that conference-goers love to know that you value their opinion, even if they don’t have much time to give it to you. That’s why we are such big fans of event surveys, and why we made a point of embedding that capability in your event platform, where it’s most likely to deliver the best results. We can attach specific surveys to individual sessions, in addition to the Evaluations Tab on your app, which hosts a series of different survey topics. As part of the admin panel, these questions can be created, tallied and managed on the back end, allowing you to export the results to Excel.

Show of hands, would you like a demonstration of the JUJAMA conference application? Click here!