The pressure to pull off “the perfect event” can weigh heavily on even the most seasoned event organizer’s shoulders. We’ve collected a few simple mistakes event organizers make all the time (believe us, we have made them too!) that you can learn from and hopefully avoid.

Don’t wing introductions

Create a factual introduction for the speaker or have the reader create one themselves. Introductions set the tone for the speaker so make sure to practice. The same practice goes for session descriptions. Stay accurate and detailed so your attendees know what to expect.

Be careful reusing speakers

A speaker can give such a great presentation that you choose to invite them back the following year. Bringing back popular speakers is a great idea to bring in a consistent crowd but be sure to instill the idea of a new theme in their head, asking for their presentation to go along with the new theme to make sure your audience isn’t being preached the same presentation.

Don’t skimp on connectivity

Public WiFi is unreliable. WiFi connection at most events are notoriously slow, unreliable, and frustrating. Each attendee comes with several internet-connected devices like laptops, smartphones, and iPads that each use up some of the connection. Pushing your conference via social media is nearly impossible without strong, accessible WiFi for your attendees that you should choose a third-party service that guarantees reliability and speed for the size of your event.

Be sure to keep the energy up

Never let there be a dull moment at your event. Play music during breaks and intermission to keep your attendee’s energy up. No one wants to wait in the awkward silence.

Choose an amazing event networking app!

Of course we had to throw this one in this list. So often the networking capabilities of an event are overlooked. Or, they are done without much planning and so an attendee’s time is wasted. Using Jujama’s mobile apps, and networking features, will ensure that your attendees can plan their time beforehand and get a lot of value from your event.