Colin Devroe; Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing

When we decided it was time to revamp our image and start the next decade of Jujama out with new ideas and fresh content, we knew we couldn’t do it without a little help.   

We knew we needed to create a brand identity that matched our focus and the growth of Jujama over the past ten years. Jujama needed a little pick me up and we found just the guy to do it.   

Colin Devroe is the newest member of the Jujama team in our Scranton office, having started in March of 2018. As the Senior Vice President Product and Marketing, Colin has brought our website and blog back to life with new content being posted multiple times a week. In addition, our social feeds including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are more active than ever, expanding our reach around the world.

Before joining us at Jujama, Colin was the Senior Vice President at Condron Media and the co-founder of several successful startups including Plain and Coalwork. He also spent nearly six years helping to grow Viddler into the company it is today. A self-proclaimed reverse engineer and avid blogger, Colin has dabbled in just about everything.

With his extensive background, Jujama is grateful to have him on our team. Full of new ideas and open to try just about anything, Colin has helped create the new face of Jujama and set the company on track to online social success and beyond.