Podcasts are a fast growing medium. With easy access and endless listening options you can expand your mind on your daily commute, while in the office, or at the gym. Why not learn a bit more about event planning podcasts with this list of podcasts!

  • Unscripted by Techsytalk – A thirty-minute podcast airing bi-weekly, Unscripted is full of event industry news and best practices as told by the experts. Unscripted is offered in both video and audio form, making it easy to watch or listen wherever you are.
  • The Event Tech Podcast by John Federico – Event technology is a crucial aspect to consider for any event planner. Federico leaves nothing untouched, diving into everything and anything about event technology. The Event Tech is the perfect way to stay on top of all things ever changing in the event tech world.
  • Turn of Events hosted by Laura Lopez and Graham Wheeler – Using interview format, Lopez and Wheeler offer a light-hearted and entertaining podcast while keeping on track of their high caliber subjects surrounding event planning.
  • PlannersPod hosted by Toby Goodman and James Eager – Goodman and Eager cover all ends of the event industry spectrum, ranging from wedding planning to conference events and catering. The podcast is full of interesting guests with a variety of backgrounds.
  • The Savvy Event Planner Podcast hosted by Tom Crowl – Tom Crowl, event planning expert, uses his experiences to delve into the world of event management. Crowl offers best practices and tips on budgeting that will help ensure the best event possible.
  • Meetings Podcast hosted by Mike McAllen – McAllen offers a detail-oriented podcast that revolves around solving event logistics and technical issues as they arise. Stay up to date with McAllen as he dives into the last news through interviews with the biggest names in the event management industry.