Nah…It doesn’t rhyme or have alliteration going for it, but it sure is exciting! While there’s been a lot going on in the event app industry, with Apple’s guideline changes and the new “container” app model picking up steam, JUJAMA decided now is the time to release Version 4.0 of our app — including a complete redesign of our user experience to make our features even more attendee-friendly.  And, what’s a redesign without some exciting new features and tools?

One of the biggest questions we hear from our clients is, “how do we better engage our attendees?” Our fresh, new dashboard option with engagement cards brings the information directly to the attendees — no searching necessary.

When a user lands on the social feed, they’re presented with a series of cards holding useful information — a conference admin announcement, a message from a potential business partner, an important meeting invitation to respond to, etc. Better yet, an attendee can tend to these requests right from the card, keeping them on-task and engaged!

And, let’s face it, another critical component of event apps is sponsor exposure. Between push notifications, splash screens, and banners, JUJAMA has your sponsor covered. Now, add in Sponsored Posts on the dashboard, and your sponsor is sure to get the attention they want!

Looking for more? Try our new advanced API integrations, enhanced mobile app options, gaming strategies for user engagement, or matchmaking for more powerful networking opportunities. This is one you’ve got to see. Give JUJAMA a call today to see everything we can offer your event.

Viva Version 4.0!


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