JUJAMA is now 8 years into building web based conference and event software and nearly 7 years into building conference apps. We were the first at the web and very early in mobile app solutions! When we began there were many questions as to whether mobile apps would be replaced by alternative programming technologies, however, the device app won out without question. We continue to see the incredible evolution of cutting-edge technologies because of the near universal adoption of the smart phone.

Things to look out for and talk to us about including in your custom app:

  • Location data at your conference to know where the crowd is going in real time. Where are the “hot spots”?
  • Location recognition- send a message through geo-behavioral messaging when the attendee reaches a certain location or exhibit. Know who is coming or has visited your sponsors booth.
  • Quantitative analysis of where the crowd is-where are they hanging out? Understand crowd densities, queues, movement or incidents, or location histories.
  • Send the right message to the app at the right time when the attendee attends a certain session or location.

These are some of the most recent cutting-edge technologies being found on your smart phone and mobile apps. JUJAMA has begun deploying them in a variety of applications including gaming, scavenger hunts, and campus tours. We welcome your call to discuss with Mike Bigus, CTO @ 570-209-7670 about implementing any of these technologies into your next event networking app.