You may have heard about recent changes to Apples app submission guidelines. Instead of taking a knee-jerk reaction with a “cheerful” approach to funnel people into cookie-cutter apps, JUJAMA understands that all events are not the same. While we can no longer “white-label” apps, due to Apple guidelines, we can still provide a unique solution — still with customization and advanced features to suit your event’s needs.

Our conference app will essentially be an App Store sub-directory — an event hub, if you will — where we will continue to provide a unique, branded, and customized solution for our clients. On top of that, our customer service will remain top-notch and continue to excel.

To ease the worry, we are here to answer your questions and sympathize with your concerns. But, fear not, JUJAMA will still offer exciting options in our event app as we have in the past for all our white-label customers. The only difference — the download process.


JUJAMA is a leading provider of well-designed, customized, fully supported desktop event apps, mobile conference apps and associated event technologies for meetings and conferences in many industries around the world. With 24/7 customer support and available onsite customer support, JUJAMA delivers technologies that make events more productive for attendees and more successful for event organizers.