How to Pitch An Event App To Your Budget Supervisor

When it comes to budgeting for an event app—especially if it’s your first one—you may have to explain the value of the app to the people holding the purse strings. You know the app is going to provide a world of value to your attendees, but you may be struggling to put that value into words. So here are some key points to make sure your budget supervisor understands.

  • • Cost-effective: Because the event app replaces the old printed agenda and other materials (in an environmentally friendly way), your old printing budget line can be re-directed to pay for the event app.
  • • New revenue stream: Event apps provide multiple sponsorship opportunities that did not exist before. And they are opportunities sponsors love, because they get so much visibility with their highly targeted audience—your attendees.
  • • Increased engagement: Attendees who are fully engaged in your event experience greater satisfaction and are more likely to return next year. Event apps promote engagement by keeping attendees fully informed and by making it easy to network with other participants. A mobile conference app is a good tool to increase your year-over-year audience.
  • • It’s where the world is now. In just a few years, event apps have become an integral part of high quality events. Attendees have come to expect them—and no wonder, when the app solves so many problems for participants and organizers alike. Your event doesn’t want to appear outdated, especially not when you work so hard to provide terrific speakers and quality interactional opportunities.

Once your budget officer sees your event app in action, you will never need to pitch it again—the value will be obvious. So good luck with your presentation! We know you’ll soon be enjoying all the time savings, benefits and new opportunities an event app can bring to your conference.