Who We Are

It’s a network, it’s a community, it’s a place where life-long relationships are forged. Jujama brings event communities together and holds them together, conference to conference, providing you with a way to market, promote and deliver your message.
At Jujama, relationships are our lifeblood. For years we have been using events and conferences to meet new people, discover new ideas and grow our businesses. We know how important meetings are. That’s why we created Jujama—to make meetings better for us and for you.

Our founders have a thirty-year record of success in a variety of fields: biotechnology research and development, business, finance and technology. Through it all, we’ve believed in building relationships, listening to customers and delivering superior products. Jujama was a natural result of that process—the something special that makes your meeting, conference or convention into an event.

Jujama is the glue that brings your event community together, and keeps the community together long after the event is done.