Event Apps & Mobile Conference Apps for Energy Industry Meetings

Jujama creates custom desktop event apps and mobile conference apps that help energy industry meetings become more powerful places for attendees to learn and network. Jujama’s custom apps and integrated registration system allow energy industry event organizers to improve the logistics of their meetings through such features as personal agenda, push-alerts to attendees for pre-scheduled or last-minute announcements, and media-rich speaker profiles where an attendee can review presentations and posters.

Jujama apps also enhance attendee networking at energy industry events by encouraging attendees to do pre-event research on other participants, and enabling attendees to quickly request meetings, which are automatically scheduled to fit the calendars of both participants.

No matter what the needs of your event, Jujama can customize a desktop event app and mobile conference app to meet your participants’ requirements. We work with you from design through post-conference analysis to improve your event outcomes and enhance your attendees’ satisfaction.