Trying to keep track of a hectic conference schedule can seem overwhelming. Using Jujama’s mobile event apps, both organizers and attendees will never miss a beat.

Our apps send out push notifications to each event’s users to remind them of events, send out announcements, and reminders to keep attendees organized while making their day to day schedule easy to manage, never missing out on important information and updates. 

How do notifications work? 

Jujama offers push-alert notifications that allow conference organizers to send out reminders through app notifications of upcoming events or other get-togethers that may come up over the course of the event.   

Organizers can set notifications to go out on a pre-scheduled plan to all attendees who have enabled push-notifications to be sent to their phone. While attendees are going through their day to day conference lives, notifications will go out to remind users of event times. Organizers can also schedule alerts to be sent out through the app last minute if something important should come up throughout the day.  

Users receive push-alert notifications directly to their phones for reminders, announcements, direct messages, and schedule alerts. While using the app, users also receive internal alerts for all notifications.  

Prime sponsor exposure can be gained by using these notifications. Sponsors have the option to have their business or organization sponsored content appear through push notifications. Just as easily as sponsors can send out their push notifications, users can use the app to request meetings with said sponsor, providing all around benefits.