Jujama’s mission, team, and products continue to evolve to keep pace with the growing needs of our exciting industry. As our CEO Nadia Dailey wrote, our mission is driven towards a constant focus on delivering the best event experiences possible through our technology and services.

We felt that our old logo simply did not reflect our current and future focuses. Rather than hiring an outside agency to tackle one of the most important parts of our business, we set out internally to create a brand identity that would set us up for the next 10 years in delivering better event experiences.

Over the course of several weeks, our designers spoke to key team members about their vision for Jujama, our products, and our position in the industry. But we also attempted to reflect the very best ideals for where we will be in the future. We believe our new logo – which is but one piece of our entire brand – represents who we currently are and where we are headed.

The first step in logo design is to sketch out a few random ideas of what the new look could be. Here are a few sketches we created.

Sketches of Jujama logo ideas

You can see from the above doodles, our ideas in the beginning of this process were all over the map. Perhaps chat bubbles, our J, a lanyard? From here we import these sketches into Adobe Illustrator to flesh out the ideas further to see if any of them have merit. Some of them we spent several days on to see if they could work before ultimately moving onto the next idea.

Here are several artboards from Illustrator where these ideas were trialed.

Ultimately, we wanted to pull some element forward from the old logo into the new one. We decided upon the handshake. You can see some of the ideas we had surrounding this in one of the above artboards.

Jujama’s mobile event apps are about creating connections between people – connections between attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and the organizers of any event. That first handshake when meeting someone new is so important. Jujama can help event organizers to inspire more connections between their attendees – leading to higher engagement, higher return on investment, and overall better event experiences.