When your attendees need to network and are counting on more than just compelling content, it’s important to give them the time, space, and tools to get the job done. Providing a networking app for events that includes messaging and meeting functionality is essential, but what if your participants don’t know who they need to meet with? There is growing importance of matching the right buyers to the right sellers — the only real way to boost your attendees’ ROI.

Enter Matchmaking.

JUJAMA has perfected the most streamlined way to match up attendees for networking at your event. Using proprietary algorithms, JUJAMA will match your attendees precisely with those individuals they are interested in meeting. One great meeting could provide a participant a return worth 400 times their investment in attending your meeting — imagine facilitating that with your event apps!

JUJAMA’s advanced matchmaking feature can also bolster the number of individuals that fully populate their profiles. That’s a higher level of user engagement, along with an increase in meaningful networking that will leave your attendees feeling accomplished and happy — what’s not to love! Give JUJAMA a call and ask about adding Matchmaking to your conference event app.