JUJAMA has done some outstanding things this year to improve the lives of our event professional clients. From integrating new technology to continuously improving our services, JUJAMA has had a successful and innovative 2017.  #EventProfs

1. Advanced Application Programming Interface (API) Integrations – JUJAMA has programmed custom API’s to further assist our conference and event organizers in easing the process of data capture and transfer from our app to your website or database. This process of capturing and transferring data has always been a real headache for event managers, but with our advanced integrations, we are allowing event professionals to focus on their other, more pressing needs and eliminating much of the manual imports.

2. Answer to your Conference Wi-Fi issues – We know not every conference supplies Wi-Fi to their attendees, and sometimes Wi-Fi includes extremely large fees. We listened to you and have updated our app to allow for online and offline usage. While networking will still require either data or Wi-Fi, our app will provide you with your Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, FAQ’s, and maps no matter the situation. The user always has that data on their device.

3. Advanced Mobile App Options – JUJAMA has designed our service to be the most custom solution out there. While other providers will need you to stay in their “sandbox”, we, at JUJAMA, pride ourselves on listening to our customer’s needs and not limiting you to a predetermined feature set. We have configured all our great features to be enabled or disabled at the click of a button, whenever. We understand how quickly things can change in the event industry, so, don’t worry! JUJAMA has you covered.

4. Matchmaking – JUJAMA has perfected the most streamlined way to match up attendees for networking at your event. JUJAMA uses proprietary algorithms  to match you with individuals you might be interested in meeting. Our advanced matchmaking feature has also bolstered the number of individuals that fully populate their profiles. This allows more of the right people to connect and for a better ROI when attending events.

5. Customer Service – We just keep getting better and better at listening to our customers as to what features they want and how they should work. We also provide unparalleled assistance in training, data entry and feedback response. We are very proud of our many unsolicited testimonials and would love to share them with you-please call 570-209-7670 and speak with Colleen. She is the greatest Customer Service professional this side of the moon!


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Email: info@jujama.com