December 30th, 2016

Minor Release


  • (BPS-248) – resource size field added to dropdown on book a meeting screen. This allows a coordinator to see room capacity info when booking a meeting.
  • (BPS-228) – Added ability to quickly add a new contact from various areas, such as “View Meetings” tab.
  • (BPS-217) – added dropdown for country code on contact and team member pages for international phone number entry to enable more consistent entry.
  • (BPS-243) – added additional fields to contact export.
  • (BPS-252) – Added coordinator search to “View Meetings” screen.
  • (BPS-232) – Added ability to override/modify to: addresses when sending confirmation emails and invites. Note that adding an address here will not add the person to the meeting, this is only useful if sent as a cc or informational message to someone, or if for some reason you don’t wish to send to a particular participant. Note that adding an additional address will not add the person to the meeting.
  • (BPS-237) – This allows external contacts/team member meeting attendees to have a blank email address. (Internally in the contact record we will show the email as When sending a confirmation email or invite the coordinator will receive a warning message if any of the attendees have blank emails. (But note that even if declining to send, the meeting itself will still be created within the system) In addition, users with blank emails can be imported by setting the email field to


  • (BPS-255) – added warning message to ‘plan a meeting’ invites if send confirmation email int/ext is not enabled in global settings.
  • (BPS-256) – fixed issue with long response time on verifying a large list of coordinators